Real HEIC to JPG Converter /Pro Quick Start Guide

Real HEIC to JPG Converter is the new name for Real HEIC Converter. Real HEIC to JPG Converter Pro is the Pro version of Real HEIC to JPG Converter. All the screenshots in this tutorial are taken using Real HEIC to JPG Converter, but they just work the same way in Real HEIC to JPG Converter and Real HEIC to JPG Converter Pro.

Note: in Version 2.2.20, the option “Keep Original Orientation” has been changed to “Preserve EXIF Data”.

In this quick-start guide, we cover the following topics: 3 Steps to convert .HEIC files to JPEG/PNG/BMP, how to add multiple files, how to start converting, how to adjust JPEG compression quality factor, how to open converted images, what to do if the conversion failed.


3 Steps to Convert .HEIC Files to JPEG/PNG/BMP

  • Add files to the tool
  • Config and start converting (Adjust JPEG Compression Quality Factor if required)
  • Open converted image files

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