My Share Tools Online Tutorial


This tutorial is for My Share Tools (MST) users so that they can know and make use of the app better.



In this online tutorial, we cover the following topics: what is My Share Tools(MST)? what is MST for? How to share items to MST? How to share objects from MST to the final destination applications? How to directly create a share item? How to delete a share item?


What is My Share Tools and What is it for?


My Share Tools is a share tool that enables you to cache all your share items in one place so that you can come back latter to share them to different final destinations.


My Share Tools is especially useful when you cannot or don’t want to directly share items to destination applications when you access them (for example, when you are offline). Instead, you share them with MST, and MST will store them until you are able to share them to the final destination applications later.


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