RealFTP Online Tutorial

Synchronized Browsing

If you have an identical directory structure on the local computer and the server, RealFTP provides a easy way for you to navigate on both the Local site and the Remote site. That’s Synchronized Browsing.

To enable Synchronized Browsing, create a new site in the Site Manager, and on the Advanced tab, ensure that the Default local directory and the Default remote directory have the same structure. Then check “use synchronized browsing”, save your settings and connect.


The bookmark feature provides you a way to quickly access frequently used folders on both the local computer and the server. To use the bookmark feature, follow these steps:
1, Navigate to the folder on local site and on the remote site.
2, Click the menu “Bookmarks” -> “Add Bookmark”
3, In the bookmark window, select “Global bookmark” or “Site-specific bookmark”, give it a name, and click the button “OK”.
4, You can use the new bookmark in the menu “Bookmarks” now.

E-mail Support

RealFTP is a easy-to-use software with a lot of advanced features, and the guide above is just a much-simplified version to let you quickly start. If you have any further questions or feed-backs about the app, please feel free to reach us by email. We are here to listen and help.