PDF Split PLUS Online Tutorial

What Other Features does PDF Page Tool Provide?

Other than the functions mentioned above, the PDF Page Tool also allows provide the following features:

  • Print PDF file (even before the PDF file is saved)
  • Duplicate the whole PDF file
  • Duplicate pages by drag and drop between files

Thumbnail View Options and the button “Clear”

1,by default, the thumbnail size is Medium, as show above. However, you can always change it to “Small View” or “Large View”.

2, the button “Clear” means to close all the opened files.

What to Do if You have Removed All Pages in a PDF File?

If you have removed all pages from a PDF file, you cannot save it. Instead, you will see a warning. In this case, we recommend you directly close it by clicking the “X” button at the top right corner. The file will keep un-modified.

E-mail Support

If you have any further questions or feed-backs about the app, please feel free to reach us by email. We are here to listen and help.