Real PDF Editor Online Tutorial

Reorder Pages

There are two ways to access the reorder pages tool. If you have already opened the PDF file, please click the button “Click to reorder pages” in the top toolbar. If not, you can click the menu item “Reorder” on the left main menu panel. It will ask you to pick the PDF file you would like to work on, and open it in the reorder pages tool.

When you are in the reorder tool, a messagebox pops up reminding you that you are doing reordering operation now. Just click the button “OK” to close it. Now you see all your pages as thumbnails. You can drag and drop one page to the place you would like it to be, and you can also select one or mutiple pages and click “Clear Files” to remove them. After you are satisfied with the result, click the button “Commit Changes”. Then click the left arrow sign at the top left corner to go back to PDF viewer. Now you can view your new PDF file with pages reordered. Note: don’t forget to save the new PDF file by clicking “Save as”. Otherwise, you will lose all the changes.