Real PDF Editor Online Tutorial

Split PDF

There are two ways to access the split tool. If you have already opened the PDF file, please click the button “Click to show the split tool” in the top toolbar. If not, you can click the menu item “Split” on the left menu panel. It will ask you to pick the PDF file you would like to work on, open it and at the same time, the split tool is open beside it on the right side.

There are two modes to split a PDF file.
Mode 1 – Split PDF by Page Range. This mode works in a way to extract a part of the PDF file into a new PDF file. You specify the From page number and the To page number, then click the button “Split” at the bottom. You will be prompted to provide a file name for the new PDF file.
Mode 2 – Split PDF into Individual Pages. This mode splits the PDF into multiple small PDF files, one page one file. You choose “Individual Pages” in Split Options, and then click the button “Split” at the bottom. You will be prompted to choose a folder as the destination folder to host all these new small PDF files.

Merge PDF Files

Whether you have a PDF file open or not, you can access the PDF merge tool by clicking the menu item “Merge” in main menu bar on the left side.

First, you need to click “Add Files” button and add the PDF files one by one, in the order that you would like them to be merged.
Second, Click the button “Merge Files”. The app then starts to merge the files.
When the merging is complete, the app will ask you to give the merged file a new file name and save it.