Real PDF Online Tutorial

How to navigate through a document?

In real PDF, there are several ways to navigate a document.

Method 1, use the Up Arrow and Down Arrow keys.

Method 2, use the scrollbar, your mouse wheel or the Page Up and Page Down keys.

Method 3, use automatic scrolling. You can start automatic scrolling with Shift+Down Arrow or Shift+Up Arrow, use these keys to increase and decrease the scrolling speed, temporarily pause the automatic scrolling by pressing the Shift key, and finally stop the auto scrolling by pressing any other key.

Method 4, use the thumbnail view in the navigation panel. If the document has page thumbnails, you can click on a page thumbnail to bring the viewing area to that page.

Method 5, use the table of contents. If the document has a table of contents, you can click the item in the table to bring the viewing area to the page linked to that item.

Method 6, use the Bookmarks view. If the document has bookmarks, you can click them to go to the associated page.