Real Paint Online Tutorial

Layers and Combining Images

Using layers, you can combine multiple images into one. Layers is a stack of slides, each of which contains a different part of the image and can be separately manipulated without affecting other parts. Layers are stacked on top of each other. The bottom layer is the background, and the other layers are stacked on it one by one.

Here are 4 common steps to create a complex image.

Step 1 – open an existing image, or create one new one-color image as the background layer.

Step 2 – add one or more layers containing different new image components. These different components could be copied from other images with transparent background.

Step 3 – add one or more layers of text as title, sub-title and/or descriptions.

Step 4 – once all the layers are in the correct position, flatten the layers and export the image into PNG or JPEG.