Real eBooks Reader / File Viewer Max eBook Reader Online Tutorial


This tutorial is for Real eBooks Reader and File Viewer Max eBook Reader users so that they can know and make use of the app better. Although the screenshots in this article are taken from Real eBooks Reader, the instructions work for all products mentioned above.

New feature – the dark mode. You can change the theme for the app now. There are three options: light, dark or darker.



In this online tutorial, we cover the following topics: how to open an eBook? what document formats are supported? how to navigate a book? how to use zoom, rotate and presentation mode? How to change to dark mode?


How to Open an eBook?


There are three ways to open and start to read an eBook document.

Method 1, in the main UI, directly click the link “Open a document”.

Method 2, click the open button which is located at the left end of the toolbar.


Method 3, click the menu button then “File” -> “Open”.