Convert HEIC to JPG PLUS Quick Start Guide


3 Steps to Convert .HEIC Files to JPEG/PNG/BMP


  • Add files to the tool
  • Config and start converting (Adjust JPEG Compression Quality Factor if required)
  • Open converted image files

Step 1 – Add Multiple Files to Convert


There are two ways to add files to the conversion tool.


Method 1, drag the file(s) from File Explorer and drop them into the area marked as “Drag and Drop files here” in the app.


Method 2, click the “+” button, select one or multiple files, and then click the button “Open”.



How to Remove Files?


To remove all files from the list, you can click the “-” button at the right top corner.


To remove on file from the list, you can click the file to select it, then right click and select the menu “Remove it From List”.