Better Audio Editor Online Tutorial

Step 3: how to edit sounds, including applying effects?

First, you need to select audio to edit it.

Method 1: the easiest way to select a region of audio is to click the left mouse button anywhere inside of an audio track, then drag until the other edge of your select is made, then release the mouse.
Method 2: you can select the whole of an individual track by clicking the “Select” button in the Track Control Panel to the left of a track.
Method 3: you can select the whole project by “Select” -> “All” or use the shortcut CTRL

Second, edit the selected audio

The most common editing actions such as Cut, Copy, Paste and Delete can be found under menu “Edit”. They also have buttons in Edit Toolbar.

How to apply effects?

The most common effects include boost the bass, change pitch or tempo, remove noise in various ways and etc.

With a region of audio selected, click the effect you require from the menu “Effect”, then make some parameter settings in the dialog box that you want and finally press the button “OK” to apply it. Note that some effects have no parameters and they are applied immediately after you click on them.