Super File Viewer Online Tutorial

Dear Super File Viewer customer

You may have noticed that this app has been un-published by Microsoft store.

Luckily, one of our developers decides to continue maintaining this app in his own account. The new product name is called “File Viewer Max”, and please download it from

If you want to read the original online tutorial for Super File Viewer, please directly scroll down.

Thanks for your support.

Easthills Media Inc.




This online tutorial is for new Super File Viewer users and only include the basic features introduction. If you are an advanced user and require special help, feel free to contact our support by email. 



We cover the following topics in this tutorial. 

  • Main Features and Components
  • Office Editor
  • Microsoft Project File Viewer (.mpp)
  • 2D CAD Editor
  • Image Viewer
  • Media Player (Video Player & Audio Player)
  • Archive Opener
  • eBook Reader
  • E-mail Message Reader
  • Source Code Viewer

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