Real Speed Test Online Tutorial

What to do if my internet speed is slow?

There are many factors impacting your internet speed test result. If you find your download speed test is slow, the things you can try include rebooting the router, rebooting your computer, or even select a different test server. If you have tried all these but your download speed is still slow, you may need to contact your ISP to report the problem or upgrade your plan.

Why do I get different speeds every time I test?

There are many dynamic factors impacting your internet speed test result. Every time your internet speed test result could be a little bit different.  That’s normal. What you need to focus on is the internet speed you get when all your neighbors in your neighborhood are using the internet, because that impact your internet experience the most.

What’s my IP address?

Like a mailing address in the physical world, the IP address is your device’s address in the internet world. Other internet users will use the IP address to communicate with your device, and it identifies your device.

In Real Speed Test, click the tab “What’s My IP”, and you will find your public IP address. You may need this information when you contact your ISP.