Real PDF Editor PLUS Online Tutorial

Switch between UI 3.0 and Old UI

Besides the look, the main difference between UI 3.0 and the Old UI is that UI 3.0 uses a new PDF Viewer and Annotation module, which is much more stable compared to the one in the Old UI.

By default, Real PDF Editor PLUS uses UI 3.0. However, you can switch to the Old UI from the default UI 3.0 if you really get used to the old one.

Click the button or menu item “Setting” and then you can do your selection in the UI Settings window.

Note: we highly recommend you use the default UI 3.0 because we may get rid of the old UI in the future.

Other Supported Formats

Besides PDF, Real PDF Editor PLUS can also open many other formats. It works well as a e-book reader and a image viewer.

The formats are: PS (.epfs, .epfi and .ps), Tiff (.tif and .tiff), CHM, DjVu (.djv and .djvu), Images (.bmp, .dib, .icb, .ico, .jpe, .jpeg, .jpg, .jpg2, .mng, .png, .pbm, .pcx, .pgm, .ppm, .rgb, .tga, .tpic, .vda, .vst, .xbm, .xcf, .xpm .gif, .webp and etc.), DVI, XPS (including .oxps), ODT, Fiction Book (.fb2), Comic Book (.cb7, .cbt, .cbr and .cbz), Plucker, EPub (.epub), Fax (.g3 and .fax), Mobipocket (.mobi), Okular, Prc, Wwf