Real Cleaner Online Tutorial

Tips for Using the large Files Finder

You can access the large files finder tool by clicking the main menu on the top left corner and then selecting “Large Files”.

By default, the scanning folder is your user folder. In most cases you don’t need to change this setting although you can add new folders for scanning, by clicking the button “Add folders” that is located at the right end.

Click the button “Scan” to start the scanning process. Wait patiently for the scanning complete.

Once the scanning is completed, you will see the scanning results. By default, the large files are sorted by the file size in descending order. Carefully identify and review the files one by one, and select the ones that you want to remove, then click the button “Clean” to remove them all together.

When reviewing and identifying the files, you may want to click the button “…” to open the folder where the file is located. 

You don’t have to clean the scan result all at once. They are stored for 7 days. To access them, just click the link “Last Scan Result” beside the button “Scan”. After 7 days, they are looked as invalid and you need to do a fresh re-scan if you would like to review and clean them again.