Dark eBooks Reader for Kindle Books Online Tutorial

How to Navigate through a Book?


Similar to other common eBook Reader software, Dark eBooks Reader for Kindle Books provides you the basic navigation control by menus, as shown below.



What makes Dark eBooks Reader for Kindle Books more convenient to use, is that it provides a whole set of keyboard shortcuts to control and navigate through a book.

j / k – Scroll up / down by line
Up / Down – Scroll up/down by line
space – Scroll by screen
Shift + space – Scroll back by screen
n / p – Next / previous page
Page Down / Page Up – Next / previous page
Ctrl + Down / Ctrl + Up – Next / previous page
Alt + Left – Go back
Alt + Right – Go forward
Ctrl + G – Go to page
g – Go to page
Home – Go to first page
End – Go to last page
b – Flip a page in book mode
Ctrl + Shift + Right – Open next document in the directory
Ctrl + Shift + Left – Open previous document in the directory